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This is an image of the Highline in NYC with a view to the digital screen in a building showing  Jessica Steinkamp's video



Shea Art Advisory is a full-service art advisory firm that represents individuals and businesses ranging from new collectors to seasoned ones. Founded by Patricia Shea, we develop close relationships with our clients, taking them to galleries, art fairs, auction houses and artists' studios so they can learn about art first hand and make informed decisions.


SAA Inc is involved in all aspects of building a fine art collection, from education and acquisition to installation, collections management and appraisals.


Our recommendations for art acquisitions are based on our research and analysis of the market and from years experience in the international art market. With an extensive network that spans specialists, curators, gallery owners, directors, auction houses and artists, we are able to provide our clients with insight into the market, advice when it comes to building an art collection and give them access to in demand emerging artists as well as blue chip artwork.



Our clients have included museum trustees and collectors featured on Art News' Top 100 collector's list. Our Collection Management services encompass:

  • Inventory Management: We employ a secure, cloud-based database to meticulously document the artworks, including their exhibition history, provenance, and sales records. This comprehensive documentation is supplemented with photo and video documentation.

  • Insurance and Shipping: Working closely with our clients' insurance brokers, we ensure that appraisals remain current, reflecting the market value and any recent acquisitions or deaccessions. Additionally, we oversee the logistics of shipping artworks, adhering to strict protocols to maintain their condition and value during transportation.

  • Conservation: We facilitate yearly conservation assessments in collaboration with renowned conservation teams. This includes outdoor sculpture maintenance, regular indoor upkeep, and prompt resolution of any arising conservation issues throughout the year.

  • Collection Planning: In line with evolving collection goals, we offer strategic solutions through close collaboration with collectors and their financial planners. This involves identifying suitable institutions for donations, conducting valuations, and exploring how collectors can be leveraged their art collectors to achieve estate planning objectives, finance new acquisitions, or facilitate new investments.


Not every artist will consider accepting a commission, but sometimes a conversation can unfold between the collector, the artist, and their gallery, leading to an extraordinary commission.


Commissions are not as straightforward as purchasing artwork at an art fair or from a gallery exhibition, but they can create a remarkable experience between the collector and the artist. Establishing a shared vision for the commission is crucial, as it requires a degree of trust between the collector and the artist. As the advisor, we facilitate the project from its conceptual phase, effectively communicating between the artist, the gallery, and the client to ensure alignment with their project's vision. Depending on the project's scope, there may be an initial payment required for drawings or preliminary sketches. Once the artist and the client have agreed on the concept, the next phase involves creating fabrication plans, obtaining budget approval, and drafting a contract. A development plan for the project is then proposed, and at the midway point, the client and advisor may visit the artist's or fabricator's studio to review the progress. The artwork begins to take shape, and soon it will be time for delivery and installation.

Commissioned artists include:

Tina Barney, Tony Cragg, David LaChappell, Sharon Lockhart, Opie, Kim McCarty, Vik Muniz, Robin T. Williams, Josiah McEheny, The Haas Brothers, David Wiseman, James Nares, Nathan Mabry, Alex Prager, Xavier Veilhan and Julian Opie.


Over the past few years, we have organized various exhibitions. The highlight of our online offerings was "Climate on the Edge", an immersive digital and video art display addressing the urgent topic of climate change, hosted on,

Another notable showcase was the "Selections from the Blake Byrne Video Art Collection", also hosted on from 2021 to 2022. This collection put on display some of the most captivating and thought-provoking works from Blake Byrne's extensive video art collection.

As a gallery owner, Patricia has curated many distinct one-person exhibitions, as well as exhibited group shows. Some of the artists she had had the privilege to exhibit include Marilyn Minter, Sol LeWitt, John Torreano, Lydia Dona, Mark Tansey, Moira Dryer, Robert Yarber, Thomas Nozkowski, Jane Hammond, David Row, Mary Heilman, James Welling and Jack Goldstein.

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