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With have over 20 years of experience providing independent, USPAP certified appraisals specific to our client's needs.

Appraising art is a complex process that requires considerable knowledge and expertise, we have over 20 years appraising 20th Century and Contemporary Art.

We possess the market knowledge honed by our experience and relationships with artists, galleries and our collectors around the world. Appraising 20th century and contemporary art requires a deep understanding of the discipline, we offer firsthand knowledge of the market, the ability to interpret and analyze art valuations in a rapidly developing global marketplace. We keep up to date with the market by attending gallery exhibitions, art fairs, biennales and auction sales around the world.  

All our artworks in our appraisal reports are thoroughly researched, illustrated catalogs with full descriptions including; artist name, title, size, medium, year created, condition, exhibition history and provenance if available. 

For Fair Market Value Appraisals, we provide a narrative for each work appraised in support of our value conclusion, illustrating with comparable sales how they are analyzed in terms of quality, and how they relate to the subject property. The artwork discussed includes any special attributes about the property, the quality or importance of the property in relation to other works by the artist in the market, and of the state of the art market at the time of valuation. 

For Retail Replacement Value, or insurance appraisals, we conduct research in the most common market for the collector and find comparable work to the owner's property, understanding that each artwork is unique and the value conclusion must cover replacement cost in the case of damage or loss. 

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