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Photo of Patricia Shea

Shea Art Advisory is a leading art advisory firm, specializing in Post War and Contemporary Art. For over 20 years, Patricia Shea has been guiding new and established collectors alike, offering unrivaled access to galleries, artists' studios and art fairs. Patricia's intimate knowledge of the market and passion for contemporary art is evident in every aspect of the business, from acquisitions and appraisals to collections management.

Her thorough research and acquisitions on behalf of her clients at art fairs, auctions, and galleries around the world have brought important new works by established and emerging artists to their collections. Patricia routinely collaborates directly with artists to realize projects for her clients, initiating and producing commissions on their behalf. Ultimately it is the introduction to artists, the experience of living with great art and the discerning knowledge of the art market that Patricia Shea, the principal advisor for SAA provides her clients.

Patricia has always had a passion for discovering new artists, finding overlooked and undervalued artists and anticipating the trends in the art world. Her experience as a former gallerist informs her ability to find new talent and develop ideas around contemporary art.

"In the past generation, artists have pushed past boundaries of creativity, not confined to one category, material or mediums, rejecting the idea of staying in one lane of artistic production. Along with this development, finally came the embrace by art collectors and institutions that art should be more inclusive which has unleashed a buying spree of work by women and artists of color. Developing concurrently, we have seen the rise of computer based artwork and a wider adoption of video and digital art with advances of the blockchain and NFT marketplaces." 


Early on Patricia saw this development of artists creating art with technology and wanted to support artists and collectors with a platform that made it easier to archive and collect these works. She founded ArtPlay in 2015, with an app on Apple TV as a curation and collection management tool for her cutting edge collectors of video and digital art. Today, ArtPlay is a web based platform for digital and NFT art and a place to discuss ideas around art and technology. 

Patricia has participated in numerous panels and lectured on topics in contemporary art. Mostly recently on the Art Law Day panel, “How Much is That Token Worth?”, Examining the Legal, Appraisal and Insurance Questions Around NFTs. Media Art lecture, Has the Market for Digital Art finally Arrived? Appraisers Association of American.  NFTs and the developing marketplaces for digital assets; art, books and collectibles. Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America. and in May 2023, American Bar Association panel on Unidentified Artistic Objects: A futuristic look into Art: AI, NFTs & Cryptocurrency - and the Metaverse?  Patricia is an accredited member of the Appraisers Association of America, the NFT Committee of the Appraisers Association, ArtTable and the Modern and Contemporary Art Council, LACMA.

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