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Studio Visit with Pedro Reyes in Mexico City

Pedro Reyes has garnered international acclaim for his expansive projects that tackle pressing social and political issues. His diverse practice, which spans sculpture, performance, video, and activism, delves into the potential of both individual and collective action to provoke change through various means of engagement, including communication, creativity, and even humor.

It was a special treat to be able to visit Pedro's studio on my recent trip to Mexico City. The first artwork I placed by the artist ten year ago was from his now famous series Disarm, firearms confiscated by the Mexican government and donated to Reyes were transformed into musical instruments, which were then activated by local musicians. Performances using the Disarm instruments which also could be displayed as sculptures were organized at museums around the world.

Reyes' studio is part incubator and fabrication site set amidst a lush tropical garden and surrounded by a two story library that is open to the community. Stacked around every corner was another stunning sculpture inspired by the traditions of Mexican stone carving and Pre-Columbian civilization and indigenous communities.  

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